More Than Just a Game: Understanding the Potential Importance of Sports in Your Child’s Life


By Blaize Stewart and Alyssa Musolf

Playtime can be hard to come by for school-aged kids these days, which is a real shame; not only does it help develop children’s physical fitness, but also encourages social and cognitive development. Giving your child an opportunity to be active outside of school, particularly during the summer months, is a great way to supplement their individual growth and to provide them with with challenging and fun opportunities.

Lee Hannant, from the Chicago Fire Soccer Club encourages kids to get involved in sports young; he says team sports, like soccer, allow kids to develop skills like “teamwork, communication, sportsmanship and leadership. That is why sports are so important; it can allow a kid to thrive and learn skills that will help them in their careers, in school, in their friendship groups, and in difficult situations.”

Through Afterschoolz, it is easy to find both team and individual sports-based programs, like Parisi speed classes and youth boxing at POW! Gym Chicago, which means finding something of interest for your child should be a breeze. Tiarra McGee, camp instructor at POW!, says teaching kids to be active is crucial and doing so through sports is “vital to a child’s development because of the social aspect. Sports expose children to others in their age and ability range, giving them a common ground to interact with.”

Being active is essential, and being involved as a coach is very rewarding, according to Hannant. He wants coaches to praise kids and teach them “that it’s ok to make mistakes, and learn from them. Most of the memorable figures in an adult’s life are their previous coaches, because they taught them so much both as an athlete, but as a person too.”

Sports and other organized activities keep kids healthy, provide them with lifelong role models and friends and help them learn about themselves, develop social skills, and to grow their lifelong decision making and team-work skills. By simply heading to Afterschoolz and searching through their wide selection of activities, you could be providing your child with a summer full of growth, opportunity, and, most importantly, fun!

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