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Sign Up and Win!


Sign up and enter for your chance to win a Birthday Party ($150 value) at The Music and Dance Suite! The Music and Dance Suite has been a staple in Naperville’s arts education community for the past 15 years.  Over 800 families a year choose TMADS. From babies and their caregivers to older adults revisiting an instrument from their childhood,…
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Welcome to The Music and Dance Suite!


We are excited to welcome our newest provider to Afterschoolz! If you are still in search of after-school activities for the kids then make sure you take a minute to check out classes offered by The Music and Dance Suite!  They have classes available in both Naperville and Plainfield. Don’t forget to ‘Like‘ us on Facebook or Sign Up for updates to…
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Choosing A Dance Class for Your Kids


  Dance is great for general fitness, balance and coordination, discipline, and strength training, in addition to countless other benefits.  Here in Naperville our kids have the option to learn a wide variety of dance depending on their interests.  You can find Bollywood, hip hop, ballet, jazz, and tap dance classes right around the corner!  Find a class that will make…
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Teach Your Kids to Swim


Here is a great guide from Parents Magazine on how to teach your kids to swim.  This handy guide is broken into age groups so you can find a plan that is best for your kids.  Once you have a plan in mind, don’t forget, you can find great swimming classes that fit your schedule in Naperville at Afterschoolz.com! Teach…
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How to Help Your Kids With Reading


As we get back into our Back-to-School routine here in Naperville, now is the perfect time to help your kids build their reading skills.  Here are some great ideas from Huffpost on how to promote daily reading and a lifelong love of reading.  Find great reading activities for kids of all ages at Afterschoolz.com Helping Your Child Improve Reading Skills…
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Team Sports vs. Individual Sports


Here is a great article from KidSports Magazine on the pros and cons of putting your kids in a team sport versus an individual sport.  Something to consider when selecting which sport(s) to focus on this fall.  Once you have a plan in mind make sure you find the activity you need here in Naperville at Afterschoolz.com http://www.kidsportsmagazine.com/PSR/node/4619 Find the…
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