Importance of After School Activities at an Early Age

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By Tessa Schillerstrom

It is only a matter of years before your child’s first day of high school where they are strapped with the responsibility of selecting and scheduling their own extra curricular activities. But don’t let that day be the first time they are faced with these decisions, the earlier you are able to enroll your children in programs that aid in balancing time and building professional and social skills, the better off they will be in the future.

Extracurriculars also open the door to expression of interests for children, they are able to express themselves and find other peers with similar interests that they are able to build relationships with. This doesn’t always happen in school, teachers dictate the course material and activities, giving children little say. The sooner you allow your children to explore different potential hobbies, interests, and activities, the sooner they are able to find a niche for them and expand upon it more as they grow older. This gives your children a step ahead of their peers who may not explore these activities until they are offered at their school when they are mature.

Think your kids just need a break and time to relax after school? Not all after school activities are stressful, in fact some can be great street relievers such as a variety of sports or reading clubs. It doesn’t even have to be everyday!  It is a matter of finding the perfect program for your child and their schedule.

We know sifting through hundreds of programs can be a pain; therefore, Afterschoolz is here to help! Our site allows parents to alter multiple different filters to find the perfect program for them and their child. Never Google “Extracurriculars near me” again! Head to now to start searching and enroll your children for the school year ahead!

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